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Contents of Local Plan remain confidential until fact checking exercise complete

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08 January 2016

The EDDC website has this statement today, from EDDC Leader, Paul Diviani, on the Local Plan “tentative final report”:

“The Local Plan Inspector has given East Devon District Council his “tentative final report” on the district’s Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule, which officers will be scrutinizing before responding with any comments within a given two week deadline.

“At this stage, the contents of the report, which contains the Inspector’s final conclusions and recommendations, could still change, and it would therefore not be appropriate for us to publish or comment on any of its contents until the Inspector has received our comments and issued his final report.

“The Local Plan has been an intensive and lengthy exercise, requiring a great deal of skilled input and resource, and its importance to the future development of the district cannot be overstated. While the council undertakes to “fact check” the documents, there will undoubtedly be attempts by the media to second guess what its final contents will be, but until the council issues any formal press releases, any information published should be viewed as purely speculative and not as fact.

“We look forward to moving towards adoption of the Local Plan and to implementing its strategy to the benefit of the residents of East Devon.”

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