Save Our Sidmouth


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This speech by Mike Temple, was made at last night’s Extra Ordinary Council meeting on relocation (Weds 25 March)

Chairman, Members,

I speak on behalf of the Knowle Residents’ Association.

Yesterday afternoon, we delivered to EDDC reception an application to register Knowle Park as an Asset of Community Value.

The Knowle Residents’ Association was urged to take this step following extensive discussions only last Thursday 19th March, with lawyers from the national conservation group SAVE Britain’s Heritage.

This group has considerable experience in such cases, and has pursued very successfully over the years the listing of assets which would otherwise be damaged or destroyed.

The registration of the Knowle Park in its entirety as an Asset of Community Value would protect a much-valued amenity from the ravages of development.

Earlier this month, EDDC’s Cabinet recommended that this Council give away about 85% of the Knowle parkland to the Sidmouth Town Council – which is an extraordinary admission, namely that the District Council is prepared to donate an asset of community value to the local town’s authority.

The registration of the whole of the Knowle parkland as an Asset of Community Value would mean that this greatly valued historic amenity would indeed be donated to the local community.

Should EDDC reject this application, the Knowle Residents Association will appeal, and will pursue with determination the registration of all of the parkland at Knowle.

We urge you to take note of this decision.

Thank you.

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