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DMC refuses to amend Local Plan proposal for Sidford.


The Sidford Fields employment site still appears in East Devon’s revised draft Local Plan, despite solid objections to it.
On Monday this week (23 March), three of the District Councillors representing Sidmouth attempted to get an amendment accepted. In it, Council Cllrs Stuart Hughes, Graham Troman and Peter Sullivan proposed Green Wedge status for the land between Sidford and Sidbury , and an alternative employment site north of the A3052 (near Sidmouth Garden Centre, although still on AONB).
The Development Management Committee (DMC) rejected the amendment, but agreed to send a note to the Inspector advising him of the of the unprecedented number of representations that had been received about the Sidford Fields site, and pointing out the lack of need and environmental concerns, particularly flooding and traffic issues.
Sidford flood Dec 2012 158
Sidford flood Dec 2012 166

2 thoughts on “DMC refuses to amend Local Plan proposal for Sidford.

  1. In addition to al those points the note must include Graham Troman’s observation that the 5ha site is not justified by the council’s own formulae. He made the point very strongly at DMC and should be applauded for ir.

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