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Costs of running Knowle, compared with those of running Honiton and Exmouth

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The message below has been sent to EDDC Office Relocation Project Manager, Richard Cohen (Deputy CEO) by the Chair of Save Our Sidmouth:

Dear Mr Cohen,

Your report to Cabinet, of 3/12/2014, (Agenda item 11), contained the statement:


Knowle has annual energy costs of £83,900 pa compared to a predicted energy cost for

Honiton/Exmouth combined of £33,700 pa.Even after repairs, Knowle energy costs would

still be double those of the Honiton/Exmouth alternative.


Based on Dept. of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) current fuel price indices, gas has

increased on average 18.8% pa between 2003 and 2013 whilst over the same period,

electricity has increased on average by 11.9% pa. Allowing a modest 10% pa inflation rate

for energy and 2% for general inflation, the total savings in running costs of

Honiton/Exmouth over Knowle are of the order of £5.55m over 20 years

The difference between the two costs is about £50,000 pa.

Please let me know how this adds up to a saving of £5.55m over 20 years, even allowing for hypothetical increases over 20 years.


Richard Thurlow

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