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‘Perfect storm’ brewing as EDDC gives progress report on the new Local Plan

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The Development Management Committee (DMC) will be presented with a special ‘additional report’ next Tuesday afternoon (26th August,at Knowle). The report is expected shortly after the 2pm start of the DMC meeting. Recently introduced Government rules mean that press and public are allowed to film and record the session.

Matt Dickins (Planning Policy Manager)’s report to DMC entitled “Emerging Work on Defining an Objectively Assessed Housing Number for East Devon” is now available to view on line under
The link to the actual report is here:

A press release about the report is on EDDC’s homepage here:

PLEASE NOTE: Under the new public speaking rules passed by Full Council in July, two members of the public are allowed to speak on planning policy items.

Footnote: EDDC has been widely criticised for such things as alleged over-provision of employment land; errors in the commuting calculations; the lack of a five year land supply; endless delays with the Local Plan; and what many believe to be serial incompetence. East Devon certainly now finds itself in a defenceless position, and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) may not be wholly to blame. The emerging figures for future housing and employment provision for our District may leave many councillors, and the unsuspecting public, in a state of shock.

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