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Sidmouth Arboretum Summer newsletter

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Part of the Arboretum is in the Knowle parkland. This summer newsletter from the Arboretum Chairman will certainly be of interest to SOS followers:

Welcome to a quick summary of progress – hope to see you on 28th!


at Kennaway House. (this year it is a Tree Festival!)

From 0930 – Bring in leaf/twig for identification and join in silent auction

10 am Jon Stokes, Tree Council

“Making Trees Matter” – How tree conservation has changed over the past 40 years and some of the issues we face for the next 40.

11 am Dr Richard Jinks Forest Research,

“Forestry and Climate Change” – Finding trees for forestry and landscape in a changing climate”

12 noon Kevin Frediani, Bicton College, Head of Sustainable Land Use

“Trees and the view” – informing the selection and placement of trees in the civic green space”

2pm Hugh Angus guided walk. Tickets from Paragon Books, Sidmouth High Street. £7 to include tea by generous invitation of Littlecourt Cottages. Limited numbers.

Return to Kennaway House to pick up your auction successes!


The weekend of September 28/29 is shaping up to be busy for tree lovers. And coincides with Sidmouth Walking Festival.

There will be a tree hunt for families on October 12 as part of the Sidmouth Science Festival.


In May we launched the Tree Trail leaflet for Sidbury which has been much in demand. The Sidmouth Tree Trail leaflet continues to be popular.

A Tree Trail leaflet for Salcombe Regis is in preparation and should be out by the autumn.

A legacy leaflet is in preparation.

iTree – Tree survey

Under the leadership of Kenton Rogers, a dedicated team of volunteers are undertaking the iTree survey of 200 plots throughout the Sid Valley. We intend t complete our work by leaf fall this year. It is fascinating to visit some out of the way places, but hard work on steep slopes!

The results will give us an understanding of the structure of the urban forest such as canopy cover, species importance rankings, available planting space, species composition and age distribution. To know what we have got, so as to guide our future plans.

PLANTING PLANS – Michael Gordon-Lee and Richard Thurlow from our committee are drawing up plans for planting sites and suitable species.

Hugh Angus will recce some of these in September, and suggest what and where.

comments/queries to

Sidmouth Arboretum

Caring for the trees of the Sid Valley

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