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Latest Knowle relocation update by Deputy Chief Executive

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A statement will be given by Richard Cohen on Wednesday 4th June, at the next EDDC Cabinet meeting which starts at 5.30pm at Knowle.

Please also note, other explosive items on the agenda:
Item 1 Changes to rules for public speaking
Item 4 Declarations of Interest (EDDC officers seem to have been recently confused about this)
Item 18 Cranbrook update
Item 22 Complaints monitoring
Item 23 Freedom of Information monitoring
(Various posts concerning the above Items can be found on the EDA website, More comment expected there soon.)

The current stage of EDDC’s ambition to relocate will of course attract much attention from East Devon taxpayers, and consequently, from the media. Public can attend and ask questions (NB new rules apply, see agenda Item 1) . Full agenda here:

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