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Footpaths at the Knowle

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Devon County Council, the Highways Authority, have made a modification order to include 3 lengths of footpath at the Knowle onto the Definitive Footpaths Map. This will finally confirm them as public footpaths.

This is the latest stage in a long saga to try to get footpaths at the Knowle recognised as public footpaths. It follows an application by local residents in May 2012, following which EDDC suddenly erected notices to say that they had no intention to dedicate any rights of way. EDDC objected to the application by the local residents and the application was rejected by Devon County Council. However, the Residents appealed to an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State who found that there was evidence that the public had been using the footpaths. The Inspector directed Devon County Council to make a modification order to include the footpaths (other than those on the public open space which the public already have a right to use) onto the Definitive Footpaths Map. This is the order which Devon County Council have now made and advertised.

There is, however, a right to object and we wait to see whether EDDC will continue to fight the local residents and submit an objection. Any representations or objections have to be sent to Devon County Council by 9th May. (Please see public notices on site or in the Sidmouth Herald for full details).

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