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Who speaks for Sidmouth and the Sid Valley?


Who on EDDC represents Sidmouth and the Sid Valley?

At last night’s shameful council meeting it seemed to be all down to Cllr Graham Troman. He was the only local councillor to speak up for fuller information on relocation costs. And the only one to vote for a motion to pause the headlong rush to relocate to Skypark, pending another survey of the existing Knowle offices.

None of the other Sid Valley councillors-all Tories -seem to have grasped the radical consequences for the area of the move from Knowle, linked as it is with the allocation of a 12.5 acre business park at Sidford.

They ignored eloquent appeals from a succession of their constituents at question time, and sat silent when one of the most important decisions in a generation was slipped through.

Cllr Chris Wale was an exception. His sycophantic praise of all the Leadership’s wondrous works seemed to have blinded him to the Leadership’s own admission that Sidmouth’s economy will be harmed (while other parts of the district will benefit) by the move from Knowle.

Cllrs Newth, Sullivan, Drew, Kerridge and Hughes appear to be similarly afflicted…or is something else going on?

Voters will want to know.

3 thoughts on “Who speaks for Sidmouth and the Sid Valley?

  1. I asked the enquiry office at Exeter Bus Station: “Which bus should I take to Skypark?”. The blank looks and the question, “Where?”, gave me my answer.

  2. Reblogged this on Deirdre Dee Coaching and commented:
    They say that people get the government they deserve…East Devon must have done something very wrong to get the current CEO and execs of the EDDC….

  3. Well, we sure know who DOESN’T speak for us!

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