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Date change for continuation of EiP Sidmouth hearing

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Please note:

Due to room booking issues the continued Sidmouth hearing session of the East Devon Local Plan will now be at 9.30am on Tuesday 11th March in the Council Chamber & not the 12th as mentioned yesterday.

Thank you

Amanda Polley

Programme Officer

Telephone 01395 571682

One thought on “Date change for continuation of EiP Sidmouth hearing

  1. I was very interested to hear the comments by the CPRE representative today at the Climate Change hearing of the Local Plan’s EiP: “There is no evidence to show that wind and solar reduced CO2”. Apparently, this is because it is not possible to control the “fuel” and that the power output is not “dispatchable”.

    If true, this must be alarming news, not only to companies setting up wind farms and solar panel sites, but also to the government which is committed to significantly reducing carbon emissions by 2025.

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