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“Sheer madness” if the employment land were given the go-ahead, says Sidford resident.

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The Sidmouth Herald (21st February) had this quote from Kim Scratchley, in its front page article. Mr Scratchley says that the proposed 12 acre site for a business park at Sidford Fields would seriously exacerbate flooding problems. “When it rains heavily, water pours down Ottery Lane, bringing water down onto the main Sidford and Sidbury road.His views were echoed by Marianne Rixson, also of Sidford, who pointed out that flood prevention measures, such as those at nearby Woolbrook, have been shown not to work, with the road there closed twice due to continued flooding. She made the further point that a large-scale business park would destroy the ‘green wedge’ between Sidford and Sidbury.

Pictures of the flooding problems, and more cautionary comments, are at this link:

One thought on ““Sheer madness” if the employment land were given the go-ahead, says Sidford resident.

  1. I totally agree with both opinions expressed in this article. Furthermore, I would like to see planning rules imposed on house owners who wish to turn their gardens from lawn to: concrete; stones;or any other construction which does not allow rain water to be captured and returned to the water table. There should be restrictions imposed on people who have gardens over a certain size with adequate parking for one or more cars on the public highway, to only be allowed to turn a certain percentage of their garden from lawn to other structural use. I think the council could employ a team of apprentices to retrospectively convert people’s former gardens back to the percentage of lawn required. There should be a scheme where retired and low income people do not have to pay for the reconstruction. This would help in some part to the flooding problem as wherever I look people are getting rid of their front gardens.

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