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Disadvantages of Skypark site for their HQ, according to EDDC

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….as pointed out in this extract from EDDC’s press release (8th Nov 2013) ‘ EDDC closes in on new office site’


Skypark is a large business park that will be gradually developed by St Modwen over the next few years, providing up to 1.4 million square feet of commercial and office space.

This site is in a prominent position with good road connections, whilst it is also within reasonable reach of the future Cranbrook rail Station. It too benefits from being served by the district heating network.

Being another non-Heathpark site, it would require the building elsewhere of a new East Devon Business Centre. Consideration needs to be given to the possibility that its closeness to Exeter Airport might pose noise issues and since the site is a large development area there could be disruption caused by ongoing building works.

Skypark is also situated at the Western end of the district, posing the same accessibility issues mentioned in the Cranbrook summary. ‘

For EDDC’s comparison of the other sites favoured just three months ago, go to :

One thought on “Disadvantages of Skypark site for their HQ, according to EDDC

  1. Excuse me for being a bit dense, but why does a proposed HQ move to Skypark necessitate the building of a new EDBF..sorry..EDDC Business Centre? Is that also unfit for purpose, or would the remoteness of Skypark leave the current tenants feeling a little homesick? I can not begin to fathom why a self financing business centre needs to be near the offices of its landlord… can anyone illuminate me as to the reasoning behind this…..unless it is a deliberate ploy to leave the East of East Devon even more adrift and isolated? I note EDDC have a published commitment to the continued growth of the Western developments and Skypark / Cranbrook …. but last time I checked, I pay council tax too and thus don’t they also have a commitment to me and the other 5000 residents of Axminster, the 7000 residents of Seaton….. The EDDC council meeting on the 26th Feb. will be very interesting indeed… and lengthy, as every DC councillor East of Honiton steps up to declare their objections to the abandonment of the eastern provinces on a cabinet decision ( behind closed doors? )

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