Save Our Sidmouth

Anti-corruption (SWAP) report on agenda at Knowle meeting, today Thursday 14th November at 2pm.

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A reminder that this report by South West Audit Partnership was called for as a direct result of the Graham Brown affair, which continues to tarnish East Devon’s reputation Browngate poster (1) (1)
The SWAP report’s purpose was to check that East Devon District Council has robust safeguards against such a situation re-occurring. Background research would naturally have looked at how the compromising position of Mr Brown as a Councillor and Chair of East Devon Business Forum, was allowed.

However, the report seems to have missed its target. Inexplicably, it does not mention the latest stringent recommendations by the Local Government Association about how to avoid breaches of Probity and Planning by Councillors.

Penetrating questions are expected from the public this afternoon. To register, simply add your name to the list (on the table just inside the Council Chamber) before the state of the meeting.

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