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Councillor Twiss has “nothing further to add”


Save Our Sidmouth Chair has received the following reply to his e-mail (see Letter to Phil Twiss, published on this SOS website yesterday,27th Oct):

Dear Mr Thurlow,

Thank you for your E Mail and the comments you make. I have nothing further to add other than to make clear that a decision has already been made by members of East Devon District Council to relocate away from Knowle based on a number of factors including reports from professionally qualified consultants commissioned by EDDC.

No final decision has yet been made on where EDDC will move to and a stake holders meeting will be held in the near future to update people on possible sites for relocation and when a decision will be made.

It has well publicised that to “stand still” i.e. remain at Knowle will cost tax payers from all of East Devon £4.1 million more than by relocating away from Knowle (in maintenance and running costs of the building over a period of time in which a new build would be operational with the higher cost of running Knowle ongoing indefinitely after the new build costs have been paid) and I do not wish to saddle future generations with that debt which it is not possible to “service” from relatively low reserves held by EDDC.

I personally look towards a very positive economic future for Sidmouth and the likelihood that jobs lost in a move from Knowle by EDDC being replaced elsewhere in the surrounding Sid Valley area and that this needs to be factored in when considering the overall picture and not just Knowle in isolation. It is particularly disappointing that barely a mention is given to future generations and their prospects for employment more locally in a variety areas of well paid employment roles that suit them.

Kind regards


Phil Twiss

EDDC Councillor

Honiton St Michael’s ward, Portfolio holder, Corporate Services

2 thoughts on “Councillor Twiss has “nothing further to add”

  1. I don’t understand where the extra jobs in Sid Valley are anticipated to come from, especially for future generations.

    Is he referring to employment opportunities on a redeveloped Knowle site, ie care home, or on the Sidford site, or what?

    Have they decided to put more money into tourism?

    What have I missed?

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