Save Our Sidmouth

Public consultation on 53 major changes to East Devon Local Plan, begins today (Friday 23rd August).


This further consultation has been demanded by the Planning Inspector, after looking at EDDC’s Local Plan document which was sent to him at the beginning of this month.

For comment on the scheduling of the consultation, go to, today’s post  Make your new comments on the Local Plan

2 thoughts on “Public consultation on 53 major changes to East Devon Local Plan, begins today (Friday 23rd August).

  1. Letters have been issued to those of us who made representations last time around, inviting us to comment on the Local PLan. Are you to offer a suggested letter for us to use this time? This would be helpful and encourage more local people to respond. regards Keith thomas

    • Sincere apologies for delay in getting back to you, Keith.Unfortunately the holiday period and other unforeseen commitments left the website short-staffed for the very first time since the campaign began a year ago.

      I hope the suggestions we posted on Sep 2nd and 3rd respectively were of some help to you regarding comments on the Local Plan changes affecting Sidmouth.
      You may also have seen the sample letter offered on several days at the market square stand advertising the Knowle Picnic in the Park.

      Much SOS work has continued throughout the summer, with publicity in the local press, contacts with national media, further detailed scrutiny of EDDC’s relocation figures, and of course the formal response to Local Plan changes for Sidmouth. The latter will be archived shortly on the Documents page of the website, for public reference.

      With thanks for your interest and support.

      Best regards
      Jackie Green
      (for SOS Committee)

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