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Radio Devon interviews EDDC about the 53 ‘major’ changes to Local Plan

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This morning’s interview, by Radio Devon’s Michael Chequer, grilled East Devon’s Deputy Leader, Councillor Andrew Moulding, on the subject.

Here’s the gist , noted by an SOS correspondent (but not verbatim) :


Michael Chequer:   53 changes – how did you get it so wrong (MC repeated the charge later in the interview)

Andrew Moulding:  It’s a matter of interpretation; that`s (the Inspector’s ) opinion; we respect his views.

        We put forward 183 proposed changes which we considered minor; the Inspector took the view that 53 of them were major.

        We are pleased that the Inspector came back to us at an early stage.

MC:  Could you give us an example of the changes?

AM (struggling): They are about the environment, and how we change our villages.

          Let`s see, I`ve got the document here (pause while he looked at it; he then read out

          a couple of changes)

MC: Were you hoping to get things through without the public noticing?

AM: No, not at all

MC: When can we expect to see the Plan finalised

AM: Hopefully in the early part of the New Year.



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