Save Our Sidmouth

Letter today from SOS Chair to EDDC Chief Executive

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Dear Mr Williams,

I wrote to you just before the Local Plan was sent to the Inspector, asking that in the light of recent changes to the Plan wording, the approval of the Vet Centre in AONB as an alternative employment site and other issues, you omit the Sidmouth Section and re-consult.

You replied, refusing this request.

I attach the relevant correspondence* for  your easy reference

In the light of the Inspector’s decision to ask for re consultation because some changes were not minor, it may be advisable to take up the points I noted, since none of us wants further delay in the Local Plan process.


Richard Thurlow

Chair SOS

Chair SVA Conservation and Planning Ctee.

*The ‘relevant correspondence’ referred to , can be viewed at two earlier posts on this SOS website, both on August 2nd Chief Executive dismisses concerns by SOS, and The time to address Local Plan problems is BEFORE Public Examination, warns SOS.

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