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Chief Executive dismisses concerns by SOS.

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 The (unduly hurried?) response of the East Devon/ South Somerset/ CEO to the letter (31st July 2013) from Richard Thurlow, on behalf of Save Our Sidmouth, is given below:

31st July 2013

Dear Mr Thurlow,

The Local Plan is due to be delivered to the Planning Inspectorate on Friday and an Inspector is lined up to start work on the plan on Monday.

As part of his pre-examination assessment the Inspector will assess whether further work is necessary or recommended and I think it more appropriate that the Council is guided by his assessment.

I cannot therefore recommend that the Plan, which as you know deals with the whole district, be further delayed by the Council at this stage just to deal with the issues you have selected/identified for Sidmouth.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Williams



More on this topic in our next post.

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