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Another Question to the Leader at Full Council, 24.07.13

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Would you agree that the damage done to the reputation of this Council, by the ‘Councillors-for-Hire’ revelations in the Daily Telegraph in March, was severe and should be urgently addressed? If so, could you please explain why approval for a ban on councillors acting as agents for developers has been postponed until Full Council in October, whereas restrictions on councillors using social media has been fast-tracked for consideration this evening?

Shouldn’t the priority have been the other way round, as what brings a council into disrepute is what the council leadership does and has done, rather than comments by councillors pointing it out?

Jacqueline Green, an East Devon Alliance supporter, was obliged to pause in mid-question, to ask if the Chief Executive would do her “the courtesy of listening”. Councillor Diviani  avoided addressing the matters highlighted, by simply saying that he could not comment on the Telegraph article “as there is an on-going police inquiry”.

For Richard Thurlow’s representation on behalf of SOS, go to  our  post on 25th July

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