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EDDC will relocate ..destination unsure

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By an almost unanimous vote, with only Councillor Halse objecting, EDDC Cabinet voted tonight to move their offices out of Knowle, Sidmouth.

No mention was made of the ‘change of use’ this entails for the Knowle , from ’employment site’, to ‘ residential’. A need is therefore created to find new employment land elsewhere the Sid Valley.

More on this topic on this website tomorrow.

One thought on “EDDC will relocate ..destination unsure

  1. Trust me, the destination is not unsure – they will know exactly where they are going and when and will have known for some considerable time.

    So now they sell off Knowle and sell out Sidmouth to pay for their grandiose ideas and to enable most of them to work in plush offices nearer to their homes and business interests – starting with the need to take out a loan to finance it at our expense

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