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Save Our Sidmouth’s response to latest EDDC plans

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 SOS Chair, Richard Thurlow, writes:

EDDC has just made the final version of their 15 year Local Plan available on their web site. The link is, This contains the agenda for the Development Management Committee discussion of the revised Local Plan, and the revised Local Plan itself.

Sidmouth has three main changes:

  1. EDDC are still determined to proceed with their development at the Knowle, to fund a move elsewhere, but they have reduced the land required, by omitting the lower cark park, (area A), and the lower area,(Area E). This is welcome but we still believe that the development is unnecessary. 
  2. EDDC ‘vision ‘ for Sidmouth now excludes any consideration of the improvement of the Alexandria Road Industrial  Estate. They say that they will source a new site for Employment Land. 
  3. EDDC ‘ strategy’ now includes the provision of ‘ancillary’ retail at the proposed Sidford site. We will continue to fight this at the Public Examination

 The Proposals for the Knowle will be considered by EDDC Cabinet on the 17th July.

It is now planned that DMC will consider the revised LP at their meeting on the 18th July, and that this will be ratified by Full Council on the 26th July.

SOS will comment on the revised wording on the 18th July, (we are only allowed to comment on the revisions), as follows:



The Knowle Residents’ Association will make their representation as follows: Knowle. Proposed East Devon Local Plan

One thought on “Save Our Sidmouth’s response to latest EDDC plans

  1. You need to research EXACTLY what ancillary retail means. Wiki Answers says “Ancillary retail is the process that some larger retailers use in their plans. The process is highly difficult to research but it deals with smaller , subservient stores and larger, anchor stores. The anchor stores are worth more money and are more prominent than the subservient stores.”

    A Metro store perhaps – one that might grow bigger and bigger as negotiations go on?


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