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Unusually, two meetings on Monday evening, 24th June, have ongoing police investigations in the background

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1.The Task and Finish Forum (TAFF)  will next meet at 6pm on Monday, 24th June at Knowle. It was set up last September to do an ‘in-depth study’ of EDDC’s links with the East Devon Business Forum, six months before the Daily Telegraph’s undercover interview with Graham Brown forced his resignation as EDBF Chair. Mr Brown has since been dismissed from the East Devon Conservative Party  and has had to step down from his position as an East Devon District Councillor (He was replaced, in a landslide victory at the May 2013 by-election at Feniton and Buckerell, by Independent Councillor, Susie Bond.).  After some delay, Mr Brown is now the subject of an on-going police enquiry. No charge has been made.

Tomorrow evening’s TAFF agenda is here:

2. The Newton Poppleford Parish Council meeting, begins at 8pm, the same evening (Mon 24th June) in the Village Hall.  A revised planning application for a controversial large housing development is on the agenda. Among the many local objectors is Councillor Graham Salter, who was swiftly reported to the police by an as-yet-unknown source for speaking and voting on a Planning matter, after allegedly having declared  a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI). Councillor Salter denies having, or declaring, a DPI. The case is ongoing.

For local views on the Revised Planning Application, go to  Newton Poppleford up in arms…. 22 June post at

One thought on “Unusually, two meetings on Monday evening, 24th June, have ongoing police investigations in the background

  1. You have answered your own question. If he votes to prevent the application then his property won’t go down in value. Therefore he has gained. You must see that. If he was voting in favour of it because he could then get planning on his own land everyone would be up in arms. You can’t have double standards. This is why the law says if you have a personal interest stay out of it how else can the public trust you on other issues otherwise.

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