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SOS in favour of plans for a ‘Jurassic’ National Park

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In an interview this evening for Spotlight TV,  Sid Vale Association Chair Alan Darrant, of Save Our Sidmouth,  made the following comparison. For National Parks, he said, the first priority is the countryside, whereas ” EDDC’s stated first priority is development”.

Representatives of Sidmouth’s Chamber of Commerce, Hospitality Association and Vision Group for Sidmouth (all part of SOS), have also variously expressed enthusiasm.  And senior local Councillors are interested in assessing the economic and environmental  benefits of a possible new National Park spanning East Devon and Dorset. (More information at

Due to present EDDC  and Government policy, East Devon’s AONB is steadily shrinking, and irreplaceable agricultural land is being sacrificed to developers. Perhaps it is time to consider whether  ‘economic and environmental benefits’ are not mutually exclusive?

One thought on “SOS in favour of plans for a ‘Jurassic’ National Park

  1. Why did an officer rush out an anti report before some councillors had even heard of the suggestion? The tail wagging the dog yet again- though, of course, the Leader would have been involved.

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