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Questions to Full Council…non-replies from the Leader

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EDDC Leader, Paul Diviani, chose not to answer three questions from the public straightaway, at  the Full Council meeting at Knowle  last week (10th April).  He preferred to give written replies, and after a haughty retort (see SOS post April 11th, No ” trial by hearsay” , agreed to Councillor Roger Giles’ request that copies of the replies should be circulated to all councillors. This was done yesterday.

The questions were as follows:

1. From Kelvin Dent of Knowle Residents’ Association:

 On 21st March the Chief Executive wrote to me to say that “We (ie EDDC) are considering the decision of Development Management Committee and our options going forward”. Please would someone let me know what those options are? I can then advise the Knowle Residents’ Association who are your next door neighbours and are still very concerned about what may happen to the Knowle. Thank you.
(Mr Dent had earlier informed Councillor Diviani, by letter, that ” In case you are wondering, I have asked the Chief Executive himself via his PA but have not yet received a response.”)
2. From Richard Eley of Save our Sidmouth:
(summary) As there is a window of opportunity to revise parts of the Local Plan now, before it goes to the Government Inspector, will EDDC consider doing so? There is a precedent for this in South Somerset, which shares EDDC’s Chief Executive, Mark Williams.
3. From Tony Green of East Devon Alliance
(summary) In order to correct the misleading statements made by an EDDC spokesperson to the Sidmouth Herald recently (see article on Call for Council’s Chief Executive to resign, 22nd March 2013) , could the Leader please  identify the spokesperson concerned?
Could the Leader also ensure that a meeting is arranged between Mr Green and the Council’s Communications Officer, so that a press release from EDDC can be issued, correcting the misleading public statements in the aforementioned article?
(For  full question, go to April 11th post, No “trial by hearsay”)
Here are Councillor Diviani’s answers, duly circulated to all councillors yesterday3 letters from council Apr 2013
Some councillors, of varying political allegiances,  have already reacted privately expressing extreme dissatisfaction with the (lack of ) content in these answers.

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  1. Sidmouth Sid… there were 4 questions from the public, sir, including my own. To date, I have not received a reply from the Leader of EDDC.

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