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Growth and Infrastructure Bill

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The SOS mailbox received two messages today, from David Walsh of

Dear all,
The Growth and Infrastructure Bill passed the third reading in the House of Lords on March 26th.
“So what?” I hear you mutter.
If it passes as it is, Eric Pickles can designate your local authority and allow developers to apply directly to him.
The bill does not even limit him to particular reasons!
For instance, he could choose any LPA starting with a given letter. So long as he puts it in writing; places it in the parliamentary library; and neither house debates it and objects within 40 days, it becomes law.
If that doesn’t worry you, it should!
It still must go back to the House of Commons for one last time.
This is the last chance to lobby your MP on this one!!!
David Walsh

He also forwarded this link from the Campaign for Rural England (CPRE), which has a suggested statement that can be adapted and sent directly to our local MPs.

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