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Developers’ charter imminent (from next Wednesday, 27 March)

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Save our Sidmouth supporters may be interested in this letter sent in to our website mailbox yesterday. It relates to next week’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)  deadline, which will have particularly disastrous consequences for East Devon’s villages and towns…including Sidmouth.

Dear all,
Some while ago, I wrote to my MP expressing concern about clauses 1 and 8 in the Growth and Infrastructure bill. The reply from Nick Boles is here:  Doc1
Either Nick Boles has not read the bill, or he supposes that nobody else has! The reply is inadequate, and my response to my MP on clause 1 is attached.    Dear Julian Smith MP_clause1
It hardly matters what local councils do, if Pickles can disenfranchise them on little more than a whim. As it is worded, standing up to developers will be classed as “under performance” and the LPA will be “designated”. Developers will then apply directly to the Secretary of State, who will wave applications through without regard to local knowledge or opinion.
If you have not already lobbied your MP on this one, please do so ASAP. This bill is nearing assent.

Please also refer to

Best regards,   
David Walsh

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