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Floods at Feniton no deterrent to Planning Officer’s recommendation

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Two controversial applications  for housing developments at Feniton have been recommended for approval, despite a letter from Neil Parish, MP to the Chief Executive, asking for them to be put on hold. (Details at )

The two planning applications to be decided on 2nd April are  as follows:


–One at Camp Field , where the original application for 120 houses (as shown on our map) has been withdrawn and replaced by one for 59 houses…..for the moment.

–One for 32  closely crammed houses, apparently not intended as affordable homes.


         Apart from these, an application for  development at Green Lane, and on land behind Louvigny Close, is currently under appeal. And a new application for a further  83          houses is due to be published next week…..and so it goes relentlessly on….rather like the heavy rain lashing down as I write.

SOS recommends to the members of the DMC,      “I looked out of my bay window. There it was: the sewer”

(see   23rd November, 2012 )

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