Save Our Sidmouth


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The East Devon Alliance has asked us to stress that information kept in the so-called Black Book register will be held in strict confidence. IT IS NOT FOR PUBLICATION.

Response to the ‘Browngate’ affair,  from all quarters, has triggered the need for a record to be kept.  Material gathered may eventually prove useful to any formal Inquiry.  No content will be passed on to any other source without prior permission of contributors, however.

To simplify matters, those wishing to contribute are asked to use the Black book register and return it to the SIN mailbox,

 The East Devon Alliance* website will be available soon. Meanwhile, EDA news is regularly posted  at

*EDA is the newly-formed, non-party-political pressure group,uniting all seven towns and many villages throughout the district. Its first event is ‘The Black Wednesday for the Countryside’  this weekend. Details here:   feniton-march-poster 23.03.13


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