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Much Clapping and Cheering at Last Friday’s Planning Meeting (DMC)

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 Richard Thurlow, SOS Chair, writes:

There was great public support at the meeting at Knowle, on Friday 1st March. The chamber was full and a link was provided to another room for overflow public attendees.

Representatives of the Sid Vale Association (Richard Thurlow); Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce (Steven Kendall-Torry); Futures Forum (Jeremy Woodward); and Knowle Residents’ Association (Keith Northover) spoke,  as did Barry Curwen, Richard Eley, Alan Darrant, Fran Deegan, Michael Temple, Kelvin Dent and Peter Whitfield.

Sidmouth Town Councillors, John Dyson, Stuart Hughes, Graham Troman Francis Newth, and Sheila Kerridge spoke against , the latter four in their capacity as EDDC councillors.

I have been told by several councillors that they have never heard such well presented and cogent speeches in EDDC Planning meetings before.

Let us now see what EDDC do about the Knowle. We are always willing to talk to them, as we have said.

But I suspect that the Local Plan examination will come first…


A report of yesterday’s landmark DMC meeting can be viewed at

Some speeches from the public, which helped overturn the Officer’s recommendation for approval of the Knowle plans,  will be posted on this SOS website over the next few days,  for your information.

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