Save Our Sidmouth

Reminder: Spotlight TV live broadcast at Knowle this afternoon, from 1 pm.

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BBC  TV will be reporting live from Knowle TODAY, FRIDAY 1st MARCH, in advance of the Development Management Committee Meeting which starts at 2pm. 

The DMC will make a decision on the Outline Planning Application for Knowle, ‘as part of its aspirations to relocate‘ (see post for 20 Feb on this website).

Many believe the OPA Documents are unsound (details in our Knowle Watch category archive ).

Approval of the Outline Plan submitted by EDDC to itself, could have a domino effect (Knowle Domino Theory posted 20 Feb at ).

The BBC cameras and reporter will be at Knowle from .  Please spread the word, to interested family, friends and neighbours.  We know some shop-owners will be closing their shops in order to attend.

And don’t forget your banners and t-shirts…!

One thought on “Reminder: Spotlight TV live broadcast at Knowle this afternoon, from 1 pm.

  1. Congratulations to ALL the excellent speakers who saved the day at the Knowle! It was amazing how much more eloquent,educated and enlightened you were than the officers and councillors. We just need to keep up that sort of pressure for the whole Local plan….

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