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New date for next TAFF meeting on East Devon Business Forum.

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Tuesday 12th March ( 6pm at Knowle) , is the new date fixed for the postponed meeting of the Task and Finish Forum set up to do an ‘in-depth report’ on the East Devon Business Forum. Public can attend.

This is a seven week delay from the postponed TAFF (Jan 23rd) , and almost six months since the TAFF was set up by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee chaired by Cllr Stuart Hughes (Sep 27th 2012).TAFF Sherlock P1030006

 The origin of this TAFF  can be found  at    on September 27, and two posts on Sept 28, 2012.

Other related posts are at category archive East Devon Business Forum on this website ..e.g. Jan  17,19,22 and 24 (2 posts).

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