Save Our Sidmouth

A full and comprehensive debate sadly lacking at today’s DMC

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Over 150 people  crowded into the Knowle Council Chamber today, to witness the Development Management Committee Meeting, which did not start well.  Members of the public had come from all over East Devon, including  Honiton, Exmouth, Axminster, Otterton and Broadclyst, on a sleety winter day. But they were not allowed to speak. Neither was one of the several councillors sitting amongst them. When Independent Councillor , Claire Wright, stood up to make a point of order, she was refused permission by the Chairman,  Mark Williamson. Cries of ‘”No democracy in East Devon”, “Let her speak!” , and “Unconstitutional!” , from the crowd.

A challenge to the Chair, from Dr John Withrington of Feniton, quickly ensued. He pointed out that the  EDDC Constitution states that the public CAN ask questions on planning matters . Dr Withrington said the Local Plan is clearly a planning matter. The challenge was dismissed.

More on this later …..

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