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Minutes Manipulation at EDDC?

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….Or just another EDDC error?

Tony Green writes:

‘The chief executive’s letter* (22 Jan 2013)  claims that critics of the Business Forum were obsessing over its influence on the Local Plan. Not true – it’s much wider than that!

But, Mark Williams’  emphasis on the Local Plan may explain a suspected case of ‘minutes manipulation’ in the minutes of the December 11th 2012 meeting as published by EDDC.

They record me as saying:

“Tony Green a Sidmouth Resident stated that he had produced a paper on a review of the EDBF minutes. He was concerned that the TAFF’s scope excluded 2 of the key concerns, regarding the Local Plan and planning permissions”

Here’s what I actually said:

“Unfortunately the draft scope for the TAFF excludes two key concerns in that paper:
That the Forum had an undue influence on planning policy in East Devon.
That its legal status is so confused it risks seriously compromising the councillors and officers involved with it.” 


Postscript from SOS : *For the full correspondence, go to  23 Jan Whitewash?/Hogwash?/ It’s up to you to decide…

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