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SIN blog passes 20,000 threshold!

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Congratulations to the sidmouthindependentnews website, not yet 4-months old!  We understand that the views to date total 20,669.

The SIN archive, has been very helpful to the SOS campaign.  The origin of tomorrow night’s crucial TAFF Committee Meeting on the East Devon Business Forum (see our own previous post, 21 Jan), can be found, for example,  at    on September 27, and two posts on Sept 28, 2012.

(Other related SIN posts on Dec 22 Why we may soon need a TAFF to look at TAFFs! ; and on 3,4,& 6 Jan 2013)

And, of course, SIN has up-to-date information on tomorrow evening’s  anti-whitewash demonstration at Knowle.

One thought on “SIN blog passes 20,000 threshold!

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