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TAFF Committee agenda on East Devon Business Forum veers wildly off course, of course!

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As SOS predicted, the agenda for this special Committee set up to scrutinise the EDBF, has been interfered with.  The TAFF Chairman is being prevented from doing his job, which includes setting the agenda according to the scope agreed.  THIS RAISES SERIOUS CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES, explained here:
Scrutiny committees are watchdogs which have the right in the EDDC Constitution to hold any part of the Council to account. For example Article 7 states they “operate within the guiding principles of effective scrutiny promoted by the Centre for Public Scrutiny, namely;

1. Provide a ‘critical friend‘ challenge to the Cabinet as well as external authorities and agencies.

2. Reflect the voice and concerns of the public and its communities

3. Take the lead and own the scrutiny process on behalf of the public

4. These Committees will also review the outcomes of Council decision-making on behalf of the public.” 

ANY ATTEMPT TO LIMIT OR SUBVERT THIS ROLE RAISES SERIOUS LEGAL QUESTIONS,  particularly if a Chief Executive and senior colleagues were found to be involved.

More on today.





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