Save Our Sidmouth

High noon next Monday….but still time to have YOUR say!

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For SOS Response to EDDC Local Plan, see DOCUMENTS section on this website.

There is still time to send your own response to EDDC, by midday tomorrow, (Monday)  14th Jan.

Details on this website (Jan 7, Urgent ), and on

Both sites have link to pro forma letter of objection, for reference. Carries more weight if personalised.


Summary of EDDC’s own advice for public comments on the Local Plan Representation, as follows:

a) Is it Legally Compliant?

b)Is it sound?

a) Legally compliant?

(i.e. the way in which Council has prepared the Local Plan )

e.g. It should have been in Local Development Strategy, and key stages should have been followed.

Was there community involvement Is the Sustainability Appraisal thorough (Is there a Sustainable Community Strategy?)

Does it comply with the duty to follow the National Planning Policy Framework?

b) Sound?

(i.e. is the content accurately based?)

e.g. Is proposed development objectively assessed?

Are the housing and development proposals justified?   What is the evidence of participation (Localism); research by consultants; advice from neighbouring Councils?

Is the Local Plan based on sustainability?

Does the Local Plan cohere with strategies of neighbouring authorities?

Is it consistent with National Policy? Have any departures from this been justified, as required?

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