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URGENT! Will TAFF on the EDBF go off course?


The East Devon Business Forum has been widely criticised as a lobby group of developers and landowners who, allegedly, have had an undue influence on planning in East Devon. Hopes were raised that the TAFF committee set up to investigate links between the Council and the Forum would reveal if there was any truth in this perception.

Amazingly, the draft template for the scope of the enquiry, just published, excludes from discussion planning policy and the East Devon Local Plan. (Like a Jimmy Savile investigation excluding mention of sexual abuse?)

So expect a vigorous debate this Tuesday, 6pm at Knowle, at the first meeting of this Task and Finish Forum (TAFF), to decide its agenda.

Media reporters will be there. Public urged to attend, to ensure Councillor members of the TAFF Committee can fulfil their task, specified by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Sep 2012), ‘to.produce an in-depth report on the East Devon Business Forum to include all business engagement and its relationship with the council.’

You will recall that this  O&S Committee resolution was initially incorrectly minuted. The minutes were subsequently revised, following a complaint by Councillors involved, and by SOS observers. The resolution quoted above is from the revised minutes.

2 thoughts on “URGENT! Will TAFF on the EDBF go off course?

  1. As many people as possible should try to got to this first meeting of the special TAFF committee at The Council offices in Sidmouth on Tuesday evening 11th December

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