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East Devon Business Forum…cause for concern?

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This question will be investigated by the  Special Committee (TAFF) set up to scrutinise the East Devon Business Forum.

The all-important agenda  for this Committee  will be agreed next Tuesday (6pm 11 December, at Knowle).   Media and public in attendance.

The draft scoping template for this agenda, now on East Devon’s website, gives some cause for concern. See

More comment on this and related issues at

One thought on “East Devon Business Forum…cause for concern?

  1. I liked this paragraph on page 26
    • Providing business support, innovation ideas, networking opportunities,
    and training for small and medium size businesses and lobbing on their
    behalf for important infrastructure and funding.

    Do they not have proof readers before publication? If they mean what they say then what are they lobbing on behalf of SMBs and why? 😉

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