Save Our Sidmouth

‘SAVE Britain’s Heritage’ add their support to SOS


We were delighted to welcome Rhiannon Wicks, deputy director of SAVE Britains’ Heritage in London, who battled through floods and collapsed tunnels last Weds, to come and take a look at Knowle. Thanks to Councillors Sheila Kerridge and Peter Sullivan who happened to be at EDDC HQ, we were given access to the building and Rhiannon was suitably impressed.  SAVE’s letter of objection to the Revised Application has been added to DOCUMENTS on this website.  And look out for Knowle on  very soon. 

2 thoughts on “‘SAVE Britain’s Heritage’ add their support to SOS

  1. Did she also look at the Drill Hall?

  2. Afraid not. This visit was a follow up to SAVE’s objection to the original OPA for Knowle. Unfortunately, long travel delays to and from London , meant Rhiannon’s stay was reduced to just a couple of hours. We were glad she got here at all!

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