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5 thoughts on “Floods in Sidbury/Sidford – bad luck if you have a 40 ton lorry going to an industrial site!

  1. I live in Sidbury on the banks of the Sid and next to the new houses. We realised that we had had a lot of rain but didn’t realise how bad the flooding was until our neighbour phoned. The River Sid was flowing over our lawn and driveway and the garage. When I opened the garage door water flowed out. This was because the water had come off the road, flowing over the new house’s land and through our garage and garden. The Floodline call came later.
    I went out to take photos. The road was not closed but water came to the top of my wellies. Lorries, some possibly diverted due to other road closures, sprayed water pushing it into the houses. The land previously used by Chalkie White’s garage [and possibly a new site for industrial units] was well under water. We have a 20 mph speed limit but even with yesterday’s conditions I doubt whether some motorists were observing it.
    The effect of extra lorries due to the development of the land at Sidford would be so detrimental to our village. In addition the effect of industralising the existing rural land will cause more flooding problems as the land will not be able to absorb the rain water.

  2. Councillor Stuart Hughes (SW Regional and Coastal Floods Committee) gave a realistic view about flood prevention and control, on Radio Devon this morning. He said that after such a huge body of rainfall, the drains systems cannot cope, and ” You can only do so much” to alleviate the problem.

    Developers please note.

  3. Let’s all hope that it won’t rain
    When they build on Sidford Plain.

  4. Perhaps the local business submitting plans for the employment land in sidford and sidbury should consider also submitting a practical solution for all of us that live in this area as to flood defence for all the vulnerable properties that have been at serious risk in the last six months.
    My family live near St. Peter’s Church it was frightening to see how relentless the river Sid breached onto England’s close on the evening of 24th nov 2012 ,it was much higher than it had been in the July period.
    I feel the development will add to the problem of river flooding as the surface water from a large employment site will hasten the exit into the river Sid and cause flooding to be more extreme if these weather patterns continue.

  5. I completely agree with Shelley Berryman. On the Saturday evening, Nov 24th, I hadn’t realised that the River Sid was rising until alerted by our neighbour. [The warning from the environment agency came later.] It was frightening to see how quickly the river rose as if it was flowing up our garden. A number of houses were flooded in Sidbury, some for the first time as far as we know. The problem of flooding is definitely getting worse. The loss of greenfield land will exacerbate this.

    We were told by the builders of the new houses in Sidbury that the builders had taken care of flood water from the Cotford Road by a huge soak away. On the Wed, Nov 21st, a ‘river’ of flood water flowed from the road across the back of the new houses and into our garden and garage. I’m afraid I will not have any faith in assurences if they are given by those designing / building industrial units.

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