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Knowle: Getting it taped

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In response to one of many SOS-related articles and letters in the Sidmouth Herald today, Michael Temple has the following comment and suggestion:
‘I note in today’s Herald that Mark Williams says he would have happily worked with us to put up markings in the Knowle (to show zones and trees due for the chop). This directly contradicts a request I made some while back to R Cohen who point-blank refused to allow such a thing.
Should we now request that zones be taped, buildings areas marked and trees to be cut down ribboned?
And that this be done soon and shown to councillors on or before Dec 4…’
SOS believes that if EDDC does not allow this taping, they are purposely denying vital information to councillors who are making the decision on the Planning Application.
A related post is to be found at 4th November  Every picture tells a story
REMINDER: Deadline for sending in objections to new Knowle plans, is Friday 16th November, at midday. 
 See Nov 3rd How to object to the latest revised plans for Knowle , and Oct 29th New date for objections to revised Knowle plans

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