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Relocation is indeed “..a vast wastage of money”, but not by SOS!

The following letter has just been sent to the Sidmouth Herald:

‘Dear Sir,

I refer to the letter from June Glennie about the Knowle and SOS in last week’s Sidmouth Herald.

In it she asserts that it is “commonsense” that the move should happen as long as the slice of park land is retained. She also says that “Save Our Sidmouth appears to have used blocking measures resulting in a vast wastage of money”.

If she had really been reading and understanding the “long complicated letters by mostly erudite people”, (her phrase), she would understand the need for SOS’s actions, and also realise that it is EDDC that is wasting money and not some concerned citizens of the Sid Valley, who are appalled at the highhandedness and arrogance of Councillors.

If Ms Glennie, or others would like to contact me (, I would be very happy to meet them and to explain the reasons for our actions.

Richard Thurlow
Chair Save Our Sidmouth, and Sid Vale Conservation and Planning Committee.’


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