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URGENT reminder: public consultation (that’s for you!) ends this Friday (midday, 12 June)

Please spread the word to friends and neighbours who may not be aware of this.

These previous SOS posts may be helpful:

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SOS representation on changes to the Local Plan.

Save Our Sidmouth has today submitted the following comments to EDDC : Comments on Proposed Changes to the Local Plan

DON’T FORGET YOUR OWN! For how and where to send your comments, see

Some priority points which may be helpful, are listed in our earlier post:

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Provisional relocation/Knowle sale timetable

The EDDC official programme is now on the web site and is:

Provisional relocation/Knowle sale timetable
This overall timetable is for guidance only as it may be subject to delay, depending on planning related matters.
• June 2015 – East Devon is due to exchange contracts with Pegasus Life Ltd – the developer which has been selected to purchase and develop Knowle. Pegasus specialises in providing retirement homes and extra care facilities, for which there is huge demand in Sidmouth.
• July 2015 – design team due to be appointed.
• September 2015 –construction contractor due to be appointed.
• May 2016 – Heathpark and Exmouth (if necessary) planning applications to be considered.
• June 2016 – Pegasus planning application to be considered.
• July 2016 – Council will review planning decisions.
• August 2016 – Work due to begin on Heathpark and Exmouth town hall.
• October 2017 – Council due to move offices

Note from SOS: This means a 15 month construction and move programme for the new offices at Heathpark; quite a commitment.

Is the ‘huge demand’ for Pegasus-Life style housing and faclities evidence-based, or speculative? A neighbourhood plan for Sidmouth is urgently needed, if a well-balanced future community is to be built.


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