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Cllr Claire Wright’s motion, calling for more transparency and democracy at EDDC, unanimously carried at tonight’s Full Council.

Ironically, this stunning accord came shortly after restrictions on public speaking at planning meetings had been approved, by 29 votes to 16, with 4 abstentions.

Four Sidmouth Councillors were amongst those who had just voted against the restrictions (Cllrs Hughes, Kerridge, Newth and Troman), though only one, namely Councillor Graham Troman, stood up to voice his objections. The other local representatives, Cllrs Drew, Sullivan and Wale, voted in favour.

For more reports on the Full Council meeting, go to

N.B. CORRECTION, with apologies to Cllr Sheila Kerridge. SOS has been informed that Cllr Kerridge voted AGAINST restrictions to public speaking at planning meetings, not for them, as originally stated in this post, which has now been edited accordingly.

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Councillor Bloxham fails to convince in the ‘changes to public speaking’ debate on Radio Devon this morning

Report at this link:

Restrictions on public speaking are set to be adopted at the Full Council meeting this evening (6.30pm at Knowle). Public welcome to attend and witness how EDDC makes critical decisions.

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Radio Devon airs the debate on EDDC’s intention to restrict public speaking. (Weds 23rd, on Matt Woodley’s Breakfast Show)


EDDC Councillors will be presumably be listening in, and considering all sides of the argument, before they vote on this very serious issue at Full Council tomorrow (Weds 23rd July, 6.30pm at Knowle). They will certainly be aware of the repercussions for the May 2015 elections, of any perceived attempt at gagging.

There is still time to lobby your local councillors before the meeting this Wednesday evening. Reminder of their contact details is here:


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