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Tribunal judgement further delayed

The latest news on the FOI Tribunal (EDDC vs Information Commissioner and Jeremy Woodward) regarding Knowle relocation documents which EDDC refuses to reveal, is as follows:
> The parties have been given until 21st November to hand in their final submissions.
> The Tribunal’s panel will then meet to deliberate and will publish their final decision in the following weeks.

Does this mean that the outcome of the Tribunal will not be announced until after EDDC’s Full Council meeting of 17th December, when a decision on office relocation will be made?

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‘Moving and improving’ still shrouded in uncertainty

SOS supporters may recall that at a public Q & A session at Stowford Community Centre, a couple of years ago, our Sidmouth District Councillors collectively stated that they relied upon the Sidmouth Herald for information about relocation. They would otherwise be in the dark, as no-one within the EDDC hierarchy was telling them anything.

They will not learn much from the ‘Moving and Improving’ section of the EDDC website. Last up-dated on July 31 2014, the section still refers to a meeting in February as ‘last night’. And ‘Moving and Improving News’ was last updated, incredibly, on November 8 2013.


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