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Knowle Appeal Inquiry: Inspector’s decision date anticipated soon.

On the site visit today, we understand that the Inspector was given a clear picture of how extensive the development would be, and how much it would impact on neighbours other than the two agreed by the council.  Matt Shillito (PegasusLife) attended, and was observed to be looking glum.

Inspector Michael Boniface must decide if, according to the rules, the proposals constitute overdevelopment.  Then he also has to assess whether the so-called public benefits outweigh any harm.
The target date for the issue of the decision is expected to be confirmed shortly (within 4 working days of the close of the Inquiry), and the decision will be published on the Planning Portal but probably not until the New Year, as the Sidmouth Herald suggests here:









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CORRECTION: Inspector’s site visit tomorrow (Tues 5th December) starts from outside Council Chamber, Knowle, at 1.30pm.

Please note that those wishing to join the Appeal Inquiry Inspector on the site visit, should meet at 1.30pm outside the entrance to EDDC Council Chamber (not at the Dell, as previously suggested).

Please also note that no new evidence can be presented to the Inspector, as the Appeal Inquiry closed on Friday (1st Dec).


Two points of interest from the final day of the Inquiry were that no weight would be given to photomontages submitted by members of the public, as they did not match approved methodology. Simon Bird, QC, for PegasusLife, also dismissed claims that the emerging Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan (SVNP) carried weight, as it is not due to be published until January 2018, so has not in fact “emerged”. This will be disappointing news for all those, young and old, who have participated in the SVNP process.

As referred to in the SOS post yesterday, the s106 agreement can be viewed on the East Devon planning pages, or at this link, but may take a while to download:

On page 23 of the agreement, the value of the Knowle site is given as £5.8 million.