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URGENT! Deadline TOMORROW (WEDS 8 JUNE) for comments on planning application for the Sidford Fields employment site (phase 1)

Comments by individuals, or households, should be e-mailed to

or sent (or hand-delivered if time’s short) to Planning Dept, EDDC, Knowle, Sidmouth, EX10 8HL

1. Remember to quote ref.16/0669/MOUT
2. You CAN make comments relating to ‘planning considerations’.
The EDDC website lists some examples:

The impact of a proposal on your property;
The proposed design and materials;
Issues relating to vehicular access and parking;
Impact on trees;
Noise issues,
Concerns about flooding.

3. You CAN’T make comments on matters which are not classed as ‘planning considerations’ such as:

Loss of value to your property; Loss of a view;
Boundary and neighbour disputes, or
The impact of a proposal on private drainage systems.

4. All the Planning policies which relate to this development can be found at:

(Click on The Local Plan 2013-2031 to access this document)

Thanks to Sidford Resident Kim Scratchley for noting them, as follows:

Strategy 46 p.144
Landscape Conservation and Enhancement and AONBs:

‘Development will only be permitted where it:
1. Conserves and enhances the landscape character of the area;
2. Does not undermine landscape quality; and
3. Is appropriate to the economic, social and well being of the area’

Non-compliance with the NPPF
The National Planning Policy Framework puts an emphasis on protecting AONB land, such as at Sidford. Para 116 of the NPPF states that planning permission should be refused for major developments on AONB land except in exceptional circumstances and where it can be demonstrated that the development is in the public interest.

Comments could include the fact that this is a tourist area, plus unemployment is low and the proposed development would require in-commuting to fill any jobs created.


EN13 – development on high quality agricultural land
Development proposes warehousing which could be a 24/7 operation – noise, lighting, impact of pollution from artificial light on local amenity

EN14 – control of pollution – to residents or the wider environment
Pollution of the atmosphere – School St and pinch points in Sidbury – stationery traffic (especially as volumes will increase)
Noise and/or vibration
Light intrusion
Pollution of sites of wildlife value, especially European designated sites or species (eg otters and horseshoe bats)

EN21 – river and coastal flooding
‘Flood risk assessment demonstrates that the development will be safe, without increasing flood risk elsewhere and, where possible, will reduce flood risk overall.’
NB any increased flood risk would impact Sidbury, Sidford and Sidmouth – remember there were four flood warnings from The Environment Agency in 2012.


E9 – town centre vitality and shopping areas – THIS NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED
NB. ‘Ancillary retail’ is part of Fords application
Planning application uses include B1 (office), B2 (general), B8 (distribution / warehousing)
…will be permitted provided:
1. ‘Use would not undermine the shopping character, visual amenity, vitality or viability of town centre
2. Amenity interest of occupiers of adjoining properties is not adversely affected by reason of noise, smell or litter
3. Would not cause traffic problems !!! (NB. Lorries already drive on the pavement in School St because they cannot pass oncoming traffic and there are traffic tailbacks during the tourism season)’


TC3 – traffic management schemes
,,,’when considering development proposals in town centre, will seek the introduction of traffic management schemes when one or more of the following objectives can be achieved:
1. Safe and efficient movement of mobility impaired, pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles
2. Alleviation of congestion (see E9, 3. And EN14/pollution above)
3. Reduction of traffic conflict and accident potential
4. Reduction of delays to public transport
5. Reduction of environmental damage by traffic’


Fords’ planning application for Sidford business park: DEADLINE for comments this WEDNESDAY, 8 JUNE midday.


    The large Sidford employment site now in EDDC’s Local Plan, may possibly be a legacy of initial lack of transparency at EDDC, and repeated incompetence. Its origins are obscure, as the Chair of the Panel officially overseeing the selection of suitable sites for employment land, has publicly stated that he had been surprised to find it included. The climax came when the Full District Council suddenly changed its mind, just ahead of the May 2015 elections, and made an ineffective last-minute attempt to have the site deleted. But their request for deletion came too late, as the draft Local Plan was already in the hands of the Inspector, and was sent without supporting evidence. The Inspector consequently approved it.
    Please note: How the Sidford site got into the plan is NOT RELEVANT for comments on the planning application. The Planning Committee can only consider PLANNING MATTERS  (For examples, see 2. , below)

a) Quote ref: 16/0669/MOUT
b) Either e-mail , or write to Planning Dept, EDDC, Knowle, Sidmouth, EX10 8HL
c) Examples of planning matters at the following links:



Sidford Employment site result of “heroic calculation” on a “speculative basis” , SOS Chair tells Radio Devon

BBC’s Simon Bates’ interview with Richard Thurlow last Friday (3rd June), can be heard on the Radio Devon website. .
Go to Simon Bates o3/o6/2016, from 00.45-01.02, and 49.50 to 57.14.
The interview was followed up by a phone-in from Independent East Devon Alliance (IEDA) Cllr Marianne Rixson, EDDC Ward Member for Sidmouth-Sidford since May 2015. You can listen to what she said, from 01.41.05 to 01.47.25 in the recording.
Simon Bates suggests he wants to pursue the Sidford business park planning application issues, on his breakfast show broadcast next Monday, 6th June. If you’d like to phone in then yourself, the number is 0345 301 1034 .*

(*06.06.2016. Please note, Radio Devon further discussion postponed. We’ll keep you informed)


And don’t forget there are just a few days’ left to comment to EDDC .DEADLINE is 8th June.